Michał Wojtas

Web Project Manager


I manage projects in web environment: design, development and maintenance of websites, mobile apps, APIs and server-side applications. I have 10 years' experience in this field and can work as Delivery Lead, Product or Project Manager. This website is about what can I offer you as a one-person subcontractor or an employee.

The Skills section sums up my experience while the Rules gathers principles I stick to in my work. This information is supplemented by the  Projects and Clients section which presents types of enterprises I took part in, and their sponsors.

On this website you can also download my CV as PDF file. If my profile looks interesting enough, please contact me. I’m currently based in Berlin, Germany and may relocate if needed. 


Good knowledge of processes in UX and graphic design, programming of  browser, server and mobile apps, as well as what each team member needs to deliver. I know how to lead them from planning until completion.

Understanding of how products financed by seed money are developed and how this process is influenced by investors, customers and competitors. I know how quality and number of features need to be balanced to please users and have a maintaineable product. I can take the role of a Product Manager for some or all features.

Understanding of web technologies: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Java, Objective-C, SQL, git, hosting infrastructure like AWS. I know how marketers, copywriters, designers, developers, admins, UX designers work and how to use their skills in a project. 

I have a good command of HTML/CSS and have used online website creation tools like WebFlow. I can process web graphics in Photoshop and Sketch, draw in Illustrator. I’ve taken part in projects in which Flash, AfterEffects, 3DSMax were the main tools. 

I’m an experienced Axure RP and UXPin user. I’ve created prototypes including advanced interactions between objects and scripting interface elements. I tend to do website prototypes myself in order to define the project's scope better and approve it with the project sponsor.

I know Google Apps for Work well: Drive, Docs, Hangouts, Calendar, Sites and, of course, Gmail. I can manage YouTube channels. I’ve worked with MailChimp and, Zapier as well.

I know well some web-based project management and communication tools: JIRA, Trello, Slack, LiquidPlanner, Asana, Bitrix24, BaseCamp.

I’m certified in Analytics IQ, I know how to create accounts, analyze traffic data with standard reports, build nonstandard reports and set conversion goals. I understand how Analytics works and how is it connected with Webmaster Tools or AdWords. I know general SEO rules and how to enforce them.   

Using standard project team tools like: MS Project, mindmaps, wikis, bug trackers, timesheets. Preparing documents defining rules in a project or company/branch, leading training courses for new employees, periodic reporting of progress and risks in a project. 

Preparing sales slide show presentations and cost estimates, budgeting and invoicing. I’ve worked both on the agency’s and the client’s side

Apart from English, I speak Polish (native), German (very well, C1 Goethe Insititut certificate) and Spanish (very well, DELE B2 Instituto Cervantes certificate). I’ve taken part in or led numerous multinational projects.

I’ve worked with several CMS tools, WordPress being my favourite. I understand it from a developer’s point of view: I can install and configure it, know its file structure, can edit its front-end templates and install plugins. I've recently designed and launched a blog about Polish idioms at www.polishidioms.com. Also, I write about football at niecelnetrafienie.pl.

Apart from practical experience, I have completed postgraduate Project Management studies. I also hold IPMA D, ITIL Foundation and Agile Foundation certificates. 



Project Managers work in business environment of their clients or employers. That’s why I try to understand its "who's who" and processes going on there as soon as possible.


I engage in projects on every level in order to better understand how their stages are connected. This also gives me  an insight into project risks and ways of mitigating them. 


I test products of my projects myself. It is of a key importance to me to understand the solution delivered, especially to ensure users’ requirements are met and the solution is constantly being improved.   


I pay careful attention to defining project goals.  This helps cutting costs during the course of the project, so that the client does not finance the development of products they don’t really need.  


It’s a priority for me to make each of project members aware of their goals. They can then find better solutions, making achieving these goals faster and easier.


I ensure that all project team members are respected and have a chance to develop new skills. I want each project to be a step further in improving processes and communication within an organization.    


I avoid long meetings that don’t move the conversation forward.  I don’t schedule unnecessary tasks and schedule those necessary to be executed just in time. I simply hate waste in development and integration projects.


Project discipline ensures its schedule and budget are kept. That’s why I make sure rules and structures  (status meetings, task teams) are sticked to. Without them, people can lose sight of project goals and disrupt their working rhythm.  


I expect projects sponsors to take key decisions in a project and support me in critical situations. I want them to understand that they can and should contribute to successful completion of a project. 


I always have in mind how products of my project will be used in the future. I aim at maximizing benefits for their users and revenues for the producer.

Projects & Clients

IT SAAS product features development from initial user stories to live deployment and user feedback

Mobile and web apps exchanging data with server app via REST API

Corporate websites

Product websites

Contest/campaign minisites


Facebook fan pages

Facebook apps

Display ad campaigns

Showreel videos and animated product presentations

Data and apps integrations with REST APIs

Documentation for APIs, plugin installation and configuration

Procter&Gamble, Unilever, Henkel, Douglas, Orsay, MasterCard, Isobar, McCann Erickson, Artegence, Danfoss, Styla, Alior Bank, KIC InnoEnergy, L'Oreal, SALESmanago, Wisla Cracow

my books

Apart from my professional activity as a PM, I write about subjects I'm interested in. So far two books I authored or co-authored have been published. I work on some more and will be adding them in this section.

Cyberpunk 1982-2020, Znak, 2020

In 2020 millions of players around the world are waiting for Cyberpunk 2077, the new game by the Polish company behind the success of The Witcher trilogy. This new game is set in the world brought to life in the early 80's by a group of writers aiming to renew science fiction, and, since then, depicted in thousands of novels, comics, movies and computer games. They employed the typical cyberpunk motifs: a dark and sprawling metropolis of the future, the world interconnected by electronic networks, ruled by omnipotent corporations fighting against each other, genetic engineering and cyborgization changing the meaning of what it is to be a human. This imagery will no doubt be used by the new game which may once again invigorate the genre.

My book tells the story of cyberpunk from its beginnings marked by Ridley Scott's Blade Runner and William Gibson's Neuromancer until now, when it is distributed mainly by computer games and Netflix series. I delve into the work of the artists crucial to the development of the genre like Katsuhiro Otomo, Jean "Moebius" Giraud, Bruce Sterling, Mike Pondsmith and flagship titles from Ghost in the Shell to The Matrix. I follow the interconnections between the spreading of cyberpunk aesthetics and globalization and expansion of the Internet, and how the latter has become merely a source of income for multinational corporations and source of data for governmental agencies spying on us every day. The book also depicts the story of CD Projekt, from its humble beginnings to a global player.

Cały ten Rock, Znak, 2017

This book is about Remigiusz Maciaszek (a.k.a. Rock), one of Poland's most famous youtubers, whose gaming channel is subscribed by 1.5 million users. It tells a story of him growing up in communist Poland, then playing his first arcade games, buying Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 computers, a common experiences for the generation of today's 30- and 40 years-old gamers.

The story follows Remigiusz' life until now and is is mostly based on several interviews I've done with him but also tracks the development of then-humble and now mighty industries: gaming and Internet broadcasting. Our book merges a biography and interview with an essay and a "how-to" guide for YouTube users willing to start a successful channel.